Big Sur Softball

2019 Big Sur Softball Schedule

Teams: The Outlaws (Nepenthe), The Deli (Big Sur Deli and Taphouse), The Grangers (Big Sur Grange), The Bitters (Big Sur Bitters), The Esalen Tribe and The Condors (Big Sur Lodge)

​Monday, June 10 — Outlaws vs. Deli, Esalen vs. Grangers

Wednesday, June 12 — Bitters vs Condors, Deli vs. Esalen

Tuesday, June 18 — Outlaws vs. Condors, Bitters vs. Grangers

Monday — June 24 — Deli vs. Bitters, Esalen vs. Outlaws

Wednesday, June 26 — Condors vs. Grangers, Esalen vs. Bitters

Monday, July 1 — Grangers vs. Deli, Outlaws vs. Bitters

Wednesday, July 3 — Grangers vs. Outlaws, Condors vs. Esalen

Monday. July 8 — Esalen vs. Deli; Outlaws vs. Condors

Wednesday, July 10 — Deli vs. Condors, Grangers vs. Bitters

Tuesday, July 16 — Bitters vs. Condors, Outlaws vs. Deli

Monday, July 22 — Esalen vs. Grangers, Bitters vs. Deli

Wednesday, July 24 — Bitters vs. Esalen, Outlaws vs. Grangers

Tuesday, July 30 — Condors vs. Esalen, Deli vs. Grangers

Monday, August 5 — Bitters vs. Outlaws, Grangers vs. Condors

Wednesday, August 7 — Esalen vs. Outlaws; Deli vs. Condors

Monday, August 12 — Esalen vs. Bitters (do-or-die playoff game, 6 p.m.)

Monday, August 19 — Grangers vs. Outlaws, Deli vs. Aug. 12 winner

Tuesday, Aug. 20; Monday, Aug. 26
— playoffs continue (schedule TBA)

Tuesday, Aug. 27 — Championship Game (or games, teams TBA)

​Early games start at 5:10 p.m., while late games begin at 6:25 p.m.